Would you rather fight the power OR lose control of the male human brain?

Would you rather attack a magician on the passenger cruise ship OR sniff out cocaine while traveling to a psychedelic village deep inside your entire body?

Would you rather get Zobbed by the Psych-hypothetical Fact Checker Police Department OR chew raw cinnamon?

Would you rather, while a man investigates circles appearing on the farm's wheat crop, chase a crooked farmer stalking the aliens OR an android earthling abducting the agricultural family's bodies?

As 2019 approaches, would you rather wake up and smell the feces OR the smell of dog poop?

Have the old father farmers die old in 2070?

Could America's biggest six-man football players compete in an extreme sport known as... 6-man lightning bolt tag?

How many sportscasters go naked on the covers of Wonk Magazine?

Will a stockbroker get one of her bosses harassed in a sex-tape scandal?

How would you search for a time bomb located in a skyscraper somewhere in the U.K.?

Are the erroneous zones effect all men alike?

Can you connect your mind with a young clairvoyant via telepathy?