I kid you!

Who is the Zobmondo!! debater, anyway?

My consensus is based on whoever gets engulfed in hypothetical dilemmas and weird, yet bizarre and odious sitations - and what to discuss when playing a few rounds of Zobmondo!! To me, hypotheticity is created in the entire human central nervous system, especially while debating over the correct response to funny or offensive "Would you rather..." questions in an effort to "Zob" the answer to strange situations involving men and women

- and what the members of the Zobmondo!! debate team will come up with a bunch of silly, twisted and whacked-out


Each Zobmondo!! player must come up with a variety of bizarre predicaments and asks each member of the consensus a "Would you rather..." query during each round of every Zobmondo!! Entertainment-developed party game.

But how can I predict how he and/or she can interrogate, debate, and reveal a whacked-out hypothetical rhetoric?

The Zobmondo!! official website is at

I will possess my hypothetical meddle every time I go online and play Would You Rather? on the Zobmondo!! site... this remarkable online gaming experience will develop and create a series of hypothetic worlds involving me and other Wikia wiki creators and publishers to investigate the development of hypothetical combat! That's the prowess that is Zobmondo!! This groundbreaking "Would You Rather" party game offers me the opportunity to answer questions and debate with other players on the dilemmas that distract men, women, and themselves altogether.