Making my mark on hypothetical conspiracy - as I put it in blogging - the will and desire over hypothetical intervention is

growing by bounds and leaps. Hee hee. However, I must hit the 1,000-point mark as Zobmondo!! opponents debate on a variety of hypothetical questions about them and decide to shoot for the score. Zobmondo!! has been a cult favorite in the more than 18-plus years since Randy Horn conceived the venerable hypothetical-debate gaming platform in 1996. In my opinion, Zobmondo!! is famous for the interrogative catchphrase "Would you rather...?" and has long been at the center of hypothetical conspiracy theory debating since it debuted in 1998 in retail-store formats.

I am about to test my "Would you rather...?" prowess with Zobmondo!!

Here are my choices debated in each round of Zobmondo!!:

Would you rather eat a chili hot dog contaminated with the Zika virus OR fire your chief executiver officer?

Would you rather go straight OR go gay?

Would you rather, as an entreprenuer, stay away from zombies OR earthlings?

Would you rather pee in the passenger jet aircraft OR your hotel, resort or motor-inn bathroom?

Would you rather infiltrate a molestering boy OR molestering girl?

If you can answer all five hypothetical questions correctly, a Zobmondo!! champion will win enough points and debate with his/her other Zobmondo!! opponents in an effort to win the title of Zobber of the Year.

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