BBC America's new original panel quiz, Would You Rather...? with Graham Norton, is a hilarious new way to stay up late on Saturday nights! Graham asks four celebrities a "Would You Rather...?" question; at the same time, one of the four celebs answer the response to a bizarre or disgusting hypothetical question.

In order to score points, each opponent must answer a few simple hypothetical questions - which is funny or very offensive - and the great Mr. Norton gets to ask as many "WYR...?" responses to each of the four celebrities in a few rounds of the program.

The last round is the "Would You Rather...? Fill in the Blank" segment, in which one of a quartet of celebs fill in a bizarre, odious or distracting "Would You Rather...?" clue, and the celeb with the most points wins the game.

To play Would You Rather...? with Graham Norton, go to and test your hypothetical meddle.