With powerful, offensive "Would you rather..." questions, no other party game brings opponents and their hypothetically conscious members of the social consensus like Zobmondo!!

Truth is, however, Zobmondo! gives players and debaters the opportunity to correctly answer the response to hypothetical questions focusing on odious situations and dilemmas - as they take turns reading a "WYR.." from a deck of cards as the player and his or her opponents discuss the strange, offensive and highly addictive predicaments - and each player gets to debate over the hypothetical situation or bizarre distraction involving the multiple adults who have a mysterious prowess affecting themselves.

To get the members of the Zobmondoo!! debate team Zobbed, the opponents asks the teammates a "Would you rather..." question in an effoert to win as many rounds of Zobmondo!! as quickly as possible.

As the name implies, the Zobmondo!! prowess continues to grow in popularity as this critically acclaimed party game has all the making of a conservative political party.

On the Zobmondo!! official website, you can submit your every own "WYR..." predicaments via e-mail and reveal what the challenger and the opponents are debating.

Check out their website and play the official Zobmondo!! Would You Rather? Game online at: