A hypothetical debater is asking the consensus a bunch of "What you rather..?" conspiracies in each round of discussing and guessing - and an embodiment of his or her own head-to-head self. As he interrogates the audience,

one of his opponents must convince him to answer the correct response to a silly, offensive or bizarre dilemma by debating over the response in the quest for apprehension.

For or against the hypothetical consensus, every man and woman participating in a heated debate of hypothetical battle, I prefer the silliest responses ever.

Hypothetically, I choose only the answers to strange dilemmas and other distractive choices and the odiousness that binds between the debater and the audience. As the human body's hypothetical ability to "Zob" the opponents increases, Zobmondo!! fans are weighing their secret potential and how the consensus works by playing several rounds of Zobmondo!! in two to 4 1/2 hours. The first opponent to play the game and gets the opportunity to "Zob" his rival debaters in round-to-round hypothetical decisionmaking combat.

As the "Would you rather...?" prowess increases, so does Zobmondo!!

My other Zobmondo!! players will have the best time to debate over the odious hypothetical controversies and react on a round-by-round basis.

But who is the great hypothetical debater in America?

I know. But to what extent do Zobmondo!! opponents test their weird prowess created in the central nervous system?